LOTOS LTP5000D - Best Plasma Cutter for the money?

Posted by CJ Michaels on

     The LOTOS brand of plasma cutters range from the low $200 to over $800 and of course, as you would assume, the price tag and quality run hand and hand. For our garage we chose the plasma cutter that was the best bang for your buck at about $500 msrp ($350 on sale), and trust me it was worth it. The LOTOS LTP5000D plasma cutter comes with all the bells and whistles including the option between 110v standard house plug or 220v high voltage plug. From personal experience most houses, and even garages, don't have the 220v plug and that was our main selling point with this cutter. Ever after installing the 220v plug, the plasma cutter would not be able to be used on the go in other shops and would require a special extension cord. Thorough installation takes about 15 to 20 minutes with moderate assembly skills. The cutter is easy to get the hang of, even for those who have never used a welder or plasma cutter before.

The main selling points of the LOTOS LTP5000D include: 

  • Price $500 MSRP($350 average sale price)
  • Easy to operate for first time users
  • Complete kit, no converters or connectors needed. Everything you need to start cutting is in the box(not including tools for assembly) 
  • Dual voltage capability (110v or 220v)
  • mobile and compact design  

    The drawbacks of the LOTOS LTP5000D include:

    • Dual voltage does not allow for maximum cutting capability, the cutter is reduced to half of it's maximum cut thickness when using the 110v house plug. This is an obvious one but I thought it would be important to mention. 
    • Plasma torch comes with one metal spacer guide. More WILL be needed in the future. This is not as much of a drawback as it is a heads up. A 5-pack can be bought on Amazon for between $8 to $20 depending on if its on sale.
    • Maximum cut thickness: 1/2" and Maximum severance thickness: 3/4" also not a drawback, but it can be the difference between a purchase or not.


         In conclusion, after doing many misc jobs with the LOTOS LTP5000D, I would say its well worth its price tag. Thanks for reading.


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